Registered Nurse - Obstetric / Labor & Delivery

Salary Range
$55,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year

Incredible Health is seeking a Registered Nurse for a full time Obstetric / Labor & Delivery position at a partnering hospital with locations across Iowa.

* Assess patients in triage for preterm labor, active labor, rupture of waters, pregnancy complications, or co-existing issues
* Assist in maintaining pregnancy in antepartum mothers
* Fetal assessment and monitoring
* Maternal physical assessment(s)
* Manage patients in labor, including induction assistance, epidural assistance, pain management, education, and delivery support
* Assist and circulate in operating room for cesarean sections, tubal, and emergency obstetric and gynecological procedures
* Medication administration and immunizations
* Patient education related to medications, labor, pushing, delivering, and postpartum care of mother and baby
* Collaboration with care management team, including anesthesiologist, physician or midwife, lactation nurse, and charge nurse

* Active Registered Nurse license in the state of Iowa
* Minimum 1 years experience in acute care settings
* Degree from an accredited nursing school

* Competitive pay
* Full medical, dental, and vision coverage
* Retirement saving programs
* Professional development opportunities
* Tuition assistance programs