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I just got accepted to a local new grad program as well as a RN to BSN program. They are both scheduled to start next month though. Any advice on this workload, is this too much to take on at the same time?

September 28th, 2022

WOW! Congrats on making it through school with what you had going on at home as well as during the pandemic! My hat is Definitely Bowing to you!! Girl, THAT is Serious determination!!😍. I would say if you can do that, you can do anything!

Having said that, I would ask the new grad program what the course would entail and know how long it would last .. certainly less than the RN-BSN program, so the 'doubling' would only be temporary. Then find out from the RN-BSN program what would be involved in that and how long it would entail. Both of these programs would be able to give you an idea. Armed with that knowledge, you'd then have to ask yourself if you have the time and resources to do both, or would doing one, then the other be a better option? Only you can answer that. You would NEED really Good help and support at the home front to 'survive' all of that, but it seems you have that already if you've gotten this far.

Good luck in your nursing journey! The pandemic made you determined to succeed and pushed me to leave the profession. I was 'nearly' ready to retire anyway, it just pushed me over the edge to move it up about 18 months! I'm handing off the 'baton' to the younger generation. Go forth and conquer!

August 11th, 2022

Hello and congratulations on your new career! To answer your question would depend on everything else you have to balance. Younger people generally don’t have as many obligations and other responsibilities like children or personal relationships. If that is you go for it! Just know that Nursing is a lifetime commitment to education. You will always be required to keep up your skills and learn new practice standards. Not to mention technology. It is also a team sport so networking is paramount! Again, good luck!