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What do you do to combat back pain from nursing?

July 23rd, 2021

Long time back pain - be evaluated for cause of back pain. use TRX exercises to strengthen core, flutes, back, quads and hammies. Join Club Pilates reformer classes, expensive but so worth it. No back pain as long as I keep exercising!

August 17th, 2021

Ab exercises 100%

August 10th, 2021

Barefoot walking shoes, if foot arch allows.
takes two year to rlear what you did as a toddler:

prounounce weight on forefoot, then heel down , leave little pressure on heels.
soft in the knees.
never heels first again and stump your joints and vertebra.
adopt thaichi basic body posture.
sit less.
stand up at the worhing computers with wheels , mostly , while charting.
get the management to install recliners in a power nap retreat room.


July 23rd, 2021

Moist heat, anti inflammatory otc meds for severe pain. Otherwise daily stretching , rest & relaxation .

July 23rd, 2021

Exercise, massage and rest