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Those who have worked with the VA an left, what were your reasons for leaving? I've been told the VA is the best t wr for as a nurse. TIA

January 4th, 2023

It depends on which hospital you work at from what I've heard. The one I was at (Hampton Virginia) had a toxic culture and to advance it was about who you knew. There were cliques and if you weren't in one, you stayed in the department you were hired in to. I left because a patient lied about something I didn't do and my manager didn't believe me, even though I had a co worker with me at the time. I was punished by being put on another shift in order to be watched, the union got involved and I eventually got just gave up and put in my notice. The same day they wanted to suspend me for 2 weeks!

January 3rd, 2023


January 3rd, 2023

I have never worked for the VA so I'm unable to answer.