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What advice would you give to someone returning to nursing after taking some time off? I only have 1 year of inpatient experience, and took 5 months off, and now am job searching again.

February 6th, 2023

I have 4 years experience and did the same; three months off turned into 7 as I reevaluated my work priorities. I’d suggest examining your work goals and starting there. Cast your net wide. And be positive and patient.

I just accepted a position that fits my goals for greater control of my life so I don’t burn out again as a bedside RN. It is a FLEX RN (set own schedule, no guaranteed hours, w/ no benefits). I declined a few PRN offers (LTC), and had been passed on many more stepdown and MS travel RN jobs both local and nationwide, and one vascular surgical short stay job that I was highly qualified for. I am onboarding through carerev to pick up more shifts. This is how I’ve designed my lifestyle according to my work priorities.

July 11th, 2022

Take a refresher course on basic nursing skills so you are up to date on your knowledge base. If you can find an entry level position in the area of nursing you want to practice. Med/surg is always a good place to start.