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How much should a 3 years experience RN with multiple speciality look to make hourly for a full time job as a homecare nurse in bay area California?

January 12th, 2022

Kaiser pays the same rate to all RN’s regardless of unit and I think Home Health even get an additional differential. After 13 years at Kaiser my staff rate was $85 per hour with benefits and $106 per hour per diem.

January 2nd, 2022

If this is a union position there's not much you can do, but if not, I would ask for the price I think I should get, at least 60$ an hr. See what the company says, it's always good to bargain with the employer regarding wage. Now is the perfect time as well because of the shortage. If your not sure about start off price, go to the company website and see what others are making in that same position. That will give you an idea of where to start. Good luck and I hope this helps.

December 13th, 2021

50-60 an hour

December 11th, 2021