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What is the most dramatic delivery you have attended?

January 14th, 2022

When I had to tell her her baby was dead, cuz the midwife could not get the words out, ...being pregnant herself... Then I held on to her as screamed. I inhaled her grief. We delivered her perfect still son, and it was obvious it had just happened probably that day. It was the most horrible thing I ever had to do in 30 years. I wont ever forget them. I went to the funeral. I took him a build a bear with a little heartbeat you could push. The grandma saw me in line. She waltzed me up in front of everyone to put the bear in the casket. I have never ever ever been so honored. Hows that for drama?

January 12th, 2022

We had a diverted patient coming from San Francisco to Redwood City (about 30 miles). On the phone with dad we can hear her in the background and he told us “she won’t make to RWC” but he was already closer to us than another delivery hospital. When he got there we told him he had to come through the ER since the house doors are locked at night. He said “Ok” then hung up. We waited, he didn’t show. We started running around all the parking lots screaming for them but no answer. The ER nurse came out and yelled “He said they are by the MRI building but he hung up again!” We hunted all around the MRI building calling for them but still no sound, not answer. Finally a tech found them, huddled between two bushes on the ground and on his jacket was a screaming healthy baby boy. 🥰 To this day I have no idea why they didn’t call out or answer us but both mom and baby were healthy :) I guess nature will take over and instinct is to hide!

January 7th, 2022

There’s a few that come to mind but I will answer with 3 brief descriptions with no personal information.

One was a terrified Mom who unfortunately was jailed recently and was withdrawing from drugs. She didnt trust any of the medical staff and her baby was in critical condition. It was incredibly difficult to get her prepped for an *Emergency* C-section but our Dr. who came in that night was a rockstar and helped the RNs out which usually doesnt happen. The poor mom ended up having to be completely put to sleep because she was trying to get off the table during surgery.

The second was as a NICU RN. Completely normal vaginal delivery with no indication that anything was wrong with baby. Baby just decided not to breath at birth and had to be put in extremely intensive care for weeks. My heart broke for that mom (and dad) who just delivered a perfect baby. I hear the mom’s cries still in some of my nightmares.

The third was a great delivery really (and I actually have been in a few of these situations!) but there were 2 “Dads” in the room. The husband of the mom and the boyfriend of the mom who’s baby she was delivering. Thankfully all the times I have been part of this everyone was able to be very civil. Boyfriend just focused on baby after birth and husband supported mom.