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If I get my nursing license from an NLC state, do I have to worry about my program meeting educational requirements and transferring my license, if I want to work in another NLC state? Thanks!

May 14th, 2022

I have a MO compact license. I can work in any other compact state as long as I fulfill the requirements for my home state. If you want to transfer to another state, you need to meet the educational and other requirements for that state. For instance, to get a compact license in GA, you have to have a physical that confirms you're able to work, be up to date on your immunizations (verified through titer or immunization record), and carry malpractice insurance. You also need 30 CEUs per year. MO doesn't require any of these things.

April 14th, 2022

Good question. I have a compact license in VA. However, because it's a VA compact license, I followed the educational requirements for VA and reapplied for the compact license. Compact states have an agreement and I think that means that they are all happy with the others educational requirements and find it suitable for the other states as well. So I think wherever your compact license came from, that's the educational requirements you follow.