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what do you need to me to help you?

March 18th, 2023

You are rude, and uneducated to how nurses are feeling about this topic, the COVID vaccine is only a temporary solution unless you want to keep getting boosted every 6 months with an unapproved experimental injection. I worked as a RN at a COVID testing site for 2 years during the pandemic and constantly people were coming back in sick with COVID that had been boosted 4 times!! So if you’re young and healthy and don’t go to work sick even with a common cold your patients will be safe. Good for you standing up for your own beliefs and not get vaccinated till we know more.The mandate was a horrendous dictatorship move and had many people live in fear. Don’t ever be afraid to step out of the box and not be a sheep. I’d rather have you taking care of me as a RN then a simple minded, can’t do the research, ignorant RN.