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What is the most effective way to negotiate for higher pay? My peers in the same area are making almost $4/hr more than I am.

November 9th, 2021

Highlight your experience and expertise, any committees or volunteer work you do or serve on, any nursing organizations you are a part of or what you do that is special and unique to you being on your unit. How would your unit be different if you were not there? You can also bring US Labor statistics or Glassdoor/Indeed salary comparisons along to make your point. What other perks does your job have or not have that are important to you? A type of health insurance? Ability to serve on committees? Access to research? Is it a teaching facility that has access to a library or do they reimburse you for certifications?
Then Reflect on if you really want to stay on a unit that does not value you monetarily as much as your peers? Maybe it's time to switch organizations. You can always interview at other places, get offer letters and take that to your current management/HR if you decide you really want to stay where you are.

December 5th, 2021

It depends on how long you have been there. If you have been there fewer years than your peers, then you won't get as much as they are making. Also, do your peers get shift differential for working evenings and nights or weekends? Those shifts seem to make more. I agree with the first answer. Be realistic, you may not get that much more if anything at all. You have to decide if this place is worth staying in or if there is somewhere out there better for you. Most people who have been there a long time with a hospital are usually maxed out and the hospitals will not pay them more. The hospitals know these people will not leave and there is no incentive to pay them more.

January 24th, 2022

Highlight your experience by illustrating a story of your qualifications. For example, “I’ve worked in a highly demanding medical-surgical unit caring for a caseload of 4-5 patients with critical conditions for 3 years. I was the lead as a charge nurse supervising a team of 5-6 RNs.” I do this when negotiating my pay and it works like a charm because I’ve reminded the employer of my qualifications.

January 23rd, 2022

You simply just state, "I need to make __ for me to accept the position." You may add why you believe you are worth more. Or add what other companies are paying. Or state you know nurses are making (the $4) more and you want $5 more. Always ask for more. You are doing it not only for yourself but others as you are setting the bar for the industry in your area.