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If you could give only one piece of advice/education to a new mom on breastfeeding, what would it be?

October 26th, 2021

Don't sacrifice your own mental health for breastfeeding.

June 3rd, 2022

Breast feeding is the best kept secret of weight loss. The look you get from your baby while breast feeding is completely different from while bottle feeding. Prove me wrong!
The hormone secretion from the act of breast feeding is not there with bottle feeding.

October 26th, 2021

Love on your baby as you trust your instincts and do your best. It gets better with time.

April 8th, 2022

It may seem like it should be natural but it’s a learned skill for both you and your baby. It’s hard in the beginning but with time, like any newly learned skill, it get easier. Your body will learn what to do, your baby will understand what to do, and you will have the peace of mind of what to do. Have support for a lactation consultant and know your body was made to do this. Just give it time.

June 20th, 2022

The best advice to give is to tell her this is a learning experience for both you and your baby. Your baby has never had to latch to a breast, or suck/swallow/breathe at the same time. Their minds can be clouded by how social media portrays the breastfeeding experience - it’s not always easy, and its a lot of work.
Another point to tell them is that they wont be producing large volumes of breast milk right after delivering - its a process of stimulation and telling your body its time to produce. It can take a few days to start feeling the engorgement.
Its a long journey to success, but it takes patience and a lot of support.

November 13th, 2022

Be patient, try to relax and enjoy the experience of breast feeding. It is the most special time of infancy but It can be very stressful. The baby will let you know if they are getting enough, feed often and only for 10-15 min a side. That should be enough time to satisfy. It is a natural process. Drink lots of fluids!

March 24th, 2023

If they are unable to breastfeed (for whatever reason they have) they should NOT let the OB nurses or anyone else judge them.

August 17th, 2022

Before you start, be sure you're comfortable and make your baby comfortable. Always turn the baby's body towards you. They won't be comfortable if they have to turn their head and reach for the nipple. It might hurt initially, that's normal. Be patient with yourself and with your baby and allow all the time both of you need. Reach out to professionals who are available if you need them. Relax and enjoy your new little one.

April 8th, 2022

Donot do drugs

May 29th, 2023

Try not to stress about it. The more relaxed you are the easier breastfeeding will be. Being a first time mom of twins, I was stressed and breastfeeding wasn’t going well. I decided it wasn’t worth even more stress. They were fine and healthy on formula. 6 yrs later I had my son, breastfeeding went very well!! I was much more relaxed.

April 21st, 2023

If your baby is crying, put it on the boob. I’d walk in to new parents rocking the screaming baby after the baby fed for “3 minutes”, literally all that baby wants is the boob you cannot over feed. Of course burp and change diaper but cluster feeding is a hard concept for new parents to grasp. Also if baby is losing his mind, calm him down and try again by hand expressing drops out first. Oh and if baby is pulling their head back that doesn’t mean he isn’t hungry it means he’s hangry and frustratedly trying to latch.

March 29th, 2023

Always remember, end the end, the baby needs to eat and you need to enjoy the experience. Your baby will pick up on any anxiety and may have trouble latching on. Breast milk is the best food for your baby; breast feeding is the most awesome feeling between you and your baby; but in the end, you can bond using a bottle, and you should NEVER feel you lost something should your baby have trouble latching on and you use a bottle.

February 22nd, 2023

Patience! Your little wonder is learning also! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes just hand expressing or pumping just enough so that you’re able to cup feed, spoon feed, syringe feed, (no needle) just in case anyone is wondering. This can give you some time to rest and relax before the next feeding time. There are plenty of books to help teach you but nothing teaches you better than the experience of hands on! Don’t forget you can call the La Leche League or your local lactation counselor or lactation consultant.

February 14th, 2023

I am grateful I was able to breastfeed, it was a wonderful experience and is such a short period of time in your child’s life yet the benefits are unsurpassed. It was a wonderful bonding experience as well.

January 15th, 2023


December 14th, 2022

As a Maternity nurse since 1985, my advice is to take it one day at a time, one feeding at a time, and to realize that it is HARD to breastfeed. It is a 24/7 commitment that only YOU can make and keep... and that's a lot for a new Mom who is also recovering from delivery, adjusting to sleep deprivation, and possibly struggling with hormonal issues. Cut yourself some slack, supplement if you need to, and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Take care of YOU, or you won't be much good to anyone else.

June 23rd, 2022

It stimulates the uterus to contracts and return back to it normal size and shape. And also produces the naturally soothing hormones oxytocin and prolactin that promotes stress reduction and positive feeligs in the Nursing mother.

June 4th, 2022

At first breastfeeding for me was not so wonderful. The engorgement, the lack of support and my little boy crying because he was hungry. I thought I was a failure as mother. However, things changed when I got the support of other mothers that were breastfeeding or have breast fed. (I had going to a lactation special but she did not have any children). In fact, I had an opportunity to bond with my mother, because she had breastfed seven or her ten kids.

The best advice she give me was to "relax" do not compare your experience with others. My son were breastfed until he was two. I had a lot of negative comments about his age. But I always remember my mother advice. My son is now 38 year old. I have a great relationship with him, his wife and my grand daughter.

June 3rd, 2022

The first few days you will only produce a few tiny drops of milk(before your milk 'comes in'). I have zero professional experience- only know from breastfeeding mine and from friend moms. I know many who say 'I wanted to breastfeed my baby and we tried so hard but I just wasn't making enough/any milk'. Sometimes it takes a bit to 'come in'- they'll watch baby's weight the first few days closely. And most importantly, you are the perfect mom for your baby- none of us will ever fit into that society 'perfect mom' box. Take a breath and know that you're the best mom for your little one..imperfections and all! Breastfeeding is a learned skilled for you and baby. Our 1st <3 is about to start her senior year of H.S. but gosh I remember it like yesterday...crying almost as much as she was during her 1st couple of growth spurts (when all she wanted to do was nurse and I felt like a cow lol)..

June 3rd, 2022

Cold cabbage leafs packing around breast for engorgement and nurse q2-3 hrs.

April 26th, 2022

Listen to your body and your nurses, ask questions and have all the answers for your care and that of your baby. learn your care skills before you go home.

April 18th, 2022

Relax, enjoy the experience, seek professional assistance, allow nurses and lactation consultant to assist her.

May 25th, 2023

Mother feed give baby health till 25 years of baby age

July 5th, 2022

Don’t give up - it will get easier!!