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Studying tips for LPN in last semester of my ADN program barely getting by! I studied the hardest I ever had for my last test compared to any other tests throughout the entire program, and I only got a 74. (Class avg was a 61 though 😳)

July 7th, 2022

UPDATE: I got a 93.8 on my last exam in March and then passes the other ATI things with level 1s and a level 2! My final grade was a B+ and I am now waiting to get my authorization to test! ☺️🤘🏻

July 6th, 2022

When I was in ADN school, I didn’t get to read everything in the books, but what I did do was take detailed notes during lectures. I felt that the instructors probably were going to touch on most of the material they considered to be important. Even if they said look at that on page __. In other words, they weren’t just lecturing to hear themselves talk, and it might be boring at times, but if you go home and look at the notes again, look in the book at the pages they mentioned, and take the time at some point to rewrite your notes in a notebook or on index cards, it definitely helps. Then read those notes again before test time. I had the best grades in my class of twenty! Good luck!

July 5th, 2022

I found when I coupled studying with doing questions from Adaptive Quizzing, Saunders NCLEX RN books, and questions from quizlet pertaining to the info being studied, I retained and applied the information better. My grades would typically go up to high B’s. So in short, read and do questions.

November 14th, 2022

Way back when I was going to nursing school I taped my lectures....... I listened to them going to school in am esp before a test... and after I left school on my drive home,,,, I had to travel for 2 hrs..... with a baby and toddler..... so it was the best time for me to go back and forth yet,,,, I listened to them over and over..... often I was with a friend going also.. and we both found this listening to taped lectures the best reviews esp before tests.....You also got to hear again and again the things the teachers focused on...... so you know they would be test questions too......its not for all...... but wow it made a hugh difference for us!!!!! and yes... I passed with flying colors!!!!!and GRADUATED WITH MY A.D. R.N. .... A TODDLER AND A NEW BABY.... AND A SMILE ON MY FACE!!!! WE DONE GOOD!!!!!!!

April 6th, 2022

Utilize resources other than those provided by your program! YouTube,, simple nursing, even Instagram has some great nursing educators. I used all of these especially when studying for the NCLEX. Change up your routine if you don’t think it’s working for you. You’ve got this!