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What's the most memorable work drama you've experienced and how did you handle it during your shift?

November 19th, 2021

Colleague decided to start an IV on herself because she was intoxicated
Had to get help to take her to the ED
It was only the two of us working so I was alone till help arrived

January 1st, 2022

I worked the night shift on a trauma floor and one of the nurses and one of the CNA’s would always get into an argument over simple stuff that had nothing to do with work. One night the CNA was looking at rims for her car and the nurse walked by and said you should make sure your son has shoes instead of looking at those rims 😳 the NA started arguing with the nurse. I was the charge nurse and I had to step in and separate them. I was trying not to laugh but it was HILARIOUS!! Months later I gave a recommendation for the NA to move to a new floor, she ended up punching a wall in an argument with the nurse!!! I was so embarrassed

December 31st, 2021

It was switch of shift time. Had a nurse who was receiving my full assignment, she had come in causing drama with our charge as she has been known to do. When it was time for me to give report she got upset at me for not wanting to do her job as it was switch of shift and management gets mad us if we go into overtime during report so I had to give report and clock out. She refused to take report from me for all four patients. She was blaming it on me for not giving report. I immediately went over and spoke to outgoing and incoming charge nurses and made a report of it.