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Any tips for new grads trying to get a job on a specialty floor?(Besides having connections)

May 16th, 2023

I would try to go to a teaching hospital or the very least take a few months rotation in a Medical surgical unit. This will build a foundation on what specialty you want to go. You will feel more comfortable if you have a good baseline.

April 12th, 2023

If you know what specialty unit you would like and your school has a practicum course, try to do your practicum on that unit. Show your interest during your shifts there by observing and asking questions. let them know you would like to work there after graduation

March 9th, 2023

Hopefully you had some clinical experiences during your nurses training that included the care of the patients that you'll be caring for on the specialty floor where you wish to work. I'd recommend during your interview that you four on that and share how the care of those patients affected you and led to your choice to select that floor/specialty to commence your nursing career.

Sometimes a new position will open up in a specialty where you never had any experience. That job can actually end up being the best job of your career!! I know that from experience, as I was offered a new job in expanded role of nursing in pediatric oncology. While I'd loved my pediatric rotation, I had no experience in Heme/Onc and had NO IDEA what to expect.I just knew I wanted to work in PEDS and it turned out to be THE BEST job I ever had!!

HOPE THIS HELPS and Best of luck to you.