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Hi! I’m currently debating a psychiatric residency program for new grads that ones night shifts. Is there are any psych Rn’s, would you recommend that and what does a day in your life look like with that job? Thank you!!

June 24th, 2022

I would recommend that. I've been in Psych for 20 years as a floor nurse and DON. Although, sometimes scary and even dangerous (although I am 6'7" and 350lbs) it is quite rewarding. I recently had a former pt. who was my server at breakfast remember me and she came up gave me a hug and said thanks. Keep the temp. down on your unit at night, less assaults. Physical assessment skills need to be top notch, psych pt.'s don't often tell you things are wrong and don't manifest symptoms the same. Have fun and remember it's better to be schizophrenic than eat alone.

September 29th, 2022

Night shift can be rewarding if everyone do his or her job. I find night shift to be less stressful. The bad thing about working night shift if you have a lot of medical problems do not do it because you will get sicker. The night shift has much less staff.

September 29th, 2022

A day of psych in my life would be rewarding because it is one of my
specialty. you have to be a good observer and be able to act fast. Also, have medication and restraints ready if needed. More so now than ever.