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What colleges are good for neonatal nursing?

December 28th, 2022

I would say none. You don’t learn neonatal nursing in school. It’s a specialty all on its own you learn it in the field. The only classes close and worth paying attention to is your labor and delivery classes. Especially if you want to work in a NICU that is a delivery hospital. (Not all NICUs are at delivery hospitals ex. Childrens hospitals.) You will attend deliveries as a NICU nurse if you do work at a deleivery hospital which I suggest eventually working at both types of NICUs they are very different with different things to learn. Understand fetal development, tests moms go through, what meds mom takes that can affect baby, or anything related to the baby really. In your pediatric course learn developmental stages and goals of new borns and babies. New Parents usually ask lots of questions regarding when will my baby do this or grow teeth. They don’t teach neonatal nursing in school. But all those things to learn for NICU will be in your NCLEX.