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RNs in New York City - which hospitals do you recommend working in?

May 12th, 2022

NYU, NYP, Monte, Mount Sinai

August 25th, 2022

I can only suggest one as it’s the only one worked unit. The Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Located in The area around the hospital is not good at night or during the night. We were able to call security.

May 13th, 2022

Stay away from NYCHHC - the pay is not worth half the stuff you go through

August 14th, 2023

anywhere but NY

July 10th, 2023

I would recommend that any hospital in NYC is good but I would say try to work in a union hospital. It affords you some protection. I've worked in both and unfortunately saw a really good, smart nurse fired just because a certain doctor wanted her gone and why because she challenged some of the shifty crap he did. It was terrible.

April 10th, 2023

Lenox Hill (Northwell)
Columbia Presbyterian

January 31st, 2024

Columbia Presbyterian and Lenox Hill. Mt. Sinai is also a good choice. If you want to branch out to Nassau County, Noerhwell Health's Manhasset facility is excellent.

January 24th, 2024

Columbia -NYP is great.
I've heard NYU Langone is good.
I have heard mixed reviews for MSKCC and Mt Sinai so not too sure about those.

June 15th, 2023

I have worked at Montefiore at the Children’s Hospital, NYP Cornell location (I have also worked at two other hospital systems not in the immediate NYC 5 boroughs). Pros/cons to all hospitals everywhere I’m sure. Keep in mind that higher pay is not always better! Anyone curious on specifics feel free to reach out.

April 10th, 2023

NYP ,Mount .Sinai ,NYU and Monte

April 4th, 2023

Mount sinai

August 30th, 2022

*Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and/ or *Northwell health hospital in westchester County, Just outside of New York City. Northwell health has many hospitals within the nyCity. Pays well all hospital nurses are unionized. Staff are professional. N friendly. Hospitals supply their own uniform.
I wish you luck.
You’ll ace the entrance interview.

August 5th, 2022

About RN in NY I don't have any idea bt as best I will work there's

May 22nd, 2022

please I like to work in New York City as an RNs

February 22nd, 2022


February 21st, 2022

Lennox hill for sure