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What are the best remote nursing jobs which provide training if one has no previous experience? I am a 40+ year RN with experience in a variety of educational and clinical settings. Thank you!!

February 15th, 2023

As far as jobs you will find a plethora of and who will almost always be willing to train you, certainly remote utilization management jobs are the most in number. With 40 yrs you’ve more than enough experience for that. If you want a job that has any contact with patients in any capacity though, UM is not where you will find it in most cases. Have seen a few places that have a sort of combined remote Case management & UM, but that’s not the vast majority. Vast majority of UM jobs are for insurance companies, which some people don’t like. Remote Case management roles are good if you want pt contact. They are nurses who travel and educate staff for med device companies, there are remote nurses who do triage. There are a lot of different options, you can always go online and look at what’s available. Enough experience, like say, 40 yrs😉, will get your foot in the door in many places, who would very likely consider training you, provided you’re comfortable with the technology etc that comes with remote work. Good luck!

February 16th, 2023

URand CM for insurance company.