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How do you best support the mental well-being of a recovering trauma patient?

January 25th, 2022

Don’t be afraid of using alternate methods. Meditation, active listening, coloring, essential oils, etc can all help a patient achieve calm. Ask them if anything has worked well for them in the past.
And here are my three “go-to” bullet points: trust, control/validation, and advocacy
1) Be honest, never lie or try to cover or sugar coat the truth. Trauma makes it hard to trust anything or anyone. They need to know you are their ally
2) Give them control. Let them decide. What do they want to eat? Do they need reading material? Coloring supplies? Give them choices, especially about their care, and honor their decisions. If they don’t want to take a certain medication, don’t push it on them. If they learn that they really need it, they will come to the decision themselves. And it won’t have to damage your rapport.
3) Advocate for them. If they voice a need or you see a need that ought to be met, fight for it. Call the doctor for orders. Coordinate care with other disciplines. Organize a way for them to shower Orr go outside for minute with supervision.

June 22nd, 2022

offering food services and there being a food stationary with a cafe

June 22nd, 2022

offering chaplain services for mental health therapy session of supporting emotions of caregiving mentally. If there is a supernatural induced of mental health issues, then maybe like art classes for an educational nursing class for patients would be awesome and have a holiday work-study of employees and patients christmas parties with movie nights including a gorment food for dietary services.

March 30th, 2022

Best support comes pending the level of the traumatic situation of that person . It is affected
Emotionally , physically , cognitive , lack of self stem after the event . Fear to move on? . Etc. etc,,,
We need to identify first the problem .. them
Provide the needed support . Exploration of his, her feeling …and to help moving on to look forward
Not backward …Life is MOTION , keep moving on!!