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How do I make myself more marketable?

November 11th, 2021

Start out by establishing your specific destination/goal. To whom will you market yourself- Crit Care, Leadership, public health, pre-hospital? If you know where you want to be, you’ve completed one of the biggest decisions already!

After that, see what credentials you already possess and which you need in order to reach that goal. Join various org’s- LinkedIn, job apps, nursing association websites (or whatever your field is, i.e. EMS, hospital, hospice, etc) and display your talent.

Reach out to recruiters and be selective. Do your homework on the companies/hospitals. I know someone who started applying to nursing residency programs halfway through a nursing program (a year earlier than most). She started an ICU residency at a Very prestigious east coast hospital the week after she passed her NCLEX.

February 5th, 2022

ReI’ve been a nurse …. Forever. If I had to start now, I’d hire a professional to write my time and do my linked in. I’d volunteer where I wanted to get a job. And I’d probably create and brand myself.
If you volunteer where you want to work you get to know the system and how things work.
Also search and know abt the hospitals or where you want a job. And be willing yand open to learning - even if it’s not in Your field of interest. That goes a long way.

February 1st, 2022

Never stop exploring options and interests. Always look for more education. Learn about leading your peers in evidenced based practice changes and updates. Look within yourself so that you are not chasing the wrong goal - don't find yourself "stuck" in a position simply for money. You will never have enough of that and you will burn yourself out!