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What job can I take with a MBA? I recently took an adon position because they did there's an adit program. Administrator is ripping my ideas and anything I say apart infront of others. I want to quit.

November 8th, 2023

You are asking the wrong question. What do YOU want to do with your MBA? If you are interested in ADIT, look for a different one. They can be hard to find, but they exist. I have seen them in acute hospital and health plan.
There is also consulting, project implementation. There is also the expected nurse leader positions (manager/director) in your current specialty.
I will tell you what I did. I signed up for a job search website for "RN/MBA" jobs also "healthcare administration" jobs. I did not put a salary or location. The goal was just to see what was out there.
I would also recommend looking into your alumni network and professional organizations. Networking can open your eyes to positions you had not considered.
The only negative is making a major change can result in a pay cut. Something I wish I had considered before getting my MBA. Had I known i would be doing nursing leadership, I would have just done an MSW for a 1/3 the cost. But we have the degrees now, so lets enjoy them.