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What type of jewlery is ok at work?

July 18th, 2022

While most hospitals seem to turn a blind eye to jewelry (aside from in the OR, where the rules follow AORN Standards), it is unwise to wear hand or arm jewelry in the clinical setting. We are constantly exposed to pathogens, which we do not want to carry to other patients or home to our families. Rings, watches and bracelets are harborers of pathogens, and should not be worn. Aside from the fact that it is gross, it is very difficult to disinfect some of these pieces. Even a plain wedding band traps germs under it, which are not removed with hand washing unless the ring is removed and properly cleaned each time. You should not have jewelry or sleeves below the elbow. Neck jewelry should be small enough not to dangle into your field of work. Earrings should not put you at risk of ear injury if a patient grabbed and pulled them. They should break away easily, or be too small to grab. If you work in the OR you will be trained on standards of attire to maintain sterility.

August 13th, 2022

The only type of jewelry that is appropriate at work is a watch and earrings that do not hang below your ear lobe.