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Give the people what they want.. What's the best nursing hack you have?

December 17th, 2021

For me, I noticed a lot of nurses in the ER don't have a brain that they use. They just prefer to refer to the EMR... which I understand b/c things change so quickly... But for me, I prefer to have a little paper that I write on. I write my tasks where I can cross of what I've done, along w/ any other pertinent information that presents itself. This makes relieves my anxiety so that I can always stay on top of what's going on w/ an everchanging situation. Also, always listen to your patient and their family when they tell you something isn't right.

December 14th, 2021

Write your meds down and be organized with a med sheet custom to your shift. Chaos always happens, but it’s always best to reference back to your med sheet list with notes.

December 22nd, 2021

You mean the "BRAIN" on EPIC? You are correct. ED nurses are used to remembering a lot of things and capable of incredible multitasking. We follow basically the same pathways for most complaints, and can visualize all the patients and recall them quickly. This is very important, because the ED has to move patients from one spot to another spot all the time to accommodate incoming patients. If the EMR isn't moved, you can easily treat the wrong patient. Consistent good workflow habits, like checking name bands are paramount. Good habits hardwired from day one is key.