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Why is it so hard for me to get a job as a new NP? Why do employers always want experience, where do we get that experience if no one will give you a chance 😞? I passed my boards in 2021 and had 2 interviews that went with candidates with experience

February 3rd, 2023

I’m not in your shoes yet (took a few semesters off so instead of graduating this summer I won’t until 2024 but I digress) without some background info on location, type of state regulation, area of study and the like I only have generalized statements… I live in a state where NPs have restricted practice; it’s a very “medical model” structure so they’re reluctant to open up to the fact NPs are just as capable if not more (generalizing, based on known bias in healthcare) than having residents or a PA.

NPs are trained in a specialty and have a scope of practice, and technically if allowed can practice independent of an MD/DO it’s almost like a foreign culture to them and can drag their feet when it comes to being open to change. Some states aren’t as picky with specialties but others are ex. Adult acute doing primary, FNP in an ICU. Idk if that’s also a factor. The program/specialty I’m in basically said all their graduates find a job, but we may need to widen our radius at first bc it is hard as a new grad depending on location.

It sucks you have to go through this. We all know oversaturation isn’t the issue, if anything there need to be more positions for the needs of our communities. It may also just be employers know it’s a huge learning curve from RN to NP, and don’t want to deal with it, which is a lame excuse. I think what the profession is facing now is similar to the 2010s of pre pandemic RN staffing; it was really hard to get a job as a new grad.