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How do you keep track of all the different surgical instruments?

April 12th, 2024

I recommend one case at a time. I do a lot of precepting new nurses to the OR and they often want to take the tray slip home to review and remember. I don’t recommend this process, because there is so many things that are needed to be learned that may have more of a priority during your first weeks of orientation. As you are put in cases, you will remember the instruments because you will see how they’re used, what the doctor asked for, in your own nomenclature of how you will remember. This seems to work more efficiently for most people.

April 29th, 2024

Always set up the exact same way on your back table and your mayo stand. I would suggest using even numbers on your mayo when possible. Continually scan the surgical field for instruments not being used. Do not cover instruments with sponges or towels.

September 14th, 2023

I would like to be able to give you an easy answer. My best way is standardization. Always do the same thing all the time, things always in the same place. Replace anything that isn't being used in their right place. It helps tremendously!