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What is the best pathway into nursing—adn or bsn? Which one prepares you better?

July 21st, 2021

BSN opens the door for more opportunities

July 14th, 2021

Both are great pathways, it's just about figuring out what's right for you. If your goal is to become a nurse as quickly as possible then ADN can be an attractive option as the degree length is shorter. With a BSN you're probably going to come out a bit more prepared, but let's be real.. the vast majority of your learning as a nurse is going to come on the job anyway.

One advantage of a BSN is it may open some career doors not available to ADN. Magnet facilities tend to hire BSNs. However, if you get an ADN and decide later you want to get a BSN, there's many online programs you can take to get your BSN degree.

July 23rd, 2021

I agree with Shelby. BSN opens up more doors. And regarding the perception that BSN is an option for those who are not working and have a great support system… I worked and had no support system, and graduated summa cum laude.

July 21st, 2021

Both, some of us had to pay and work our way through this, so ADN makes more sense. If you have a solid support group, snd can afford it, BSN.