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Hello, I’m an older nurse (61) and I took 2 years off to take care of elderly mother. I am now ready to get back into the work force but can’t find anyone that will hire me… What’s the deal with these recruiters not wanting to an older nurse?

March 10th, 2024

Ageism IS REAL. Having the same issues after getting laid off. I have had interview after interview...nothing. And, they want you to be a MSN or better to do the simple things. Work through a temp agency. When they see your worth, they will hire you directly and pay the agency their fee.

April 1st, 2024

I had the same issue 5 years ago before I retired. So, I started working for a contract company, and everyone wanted me. They didn't have pay benefits plus high dollar for experience. When I retired, they wanted to hire me at the hospital after working for them contract for two years as a contract nurse. It was too late then. So I suggest finding a contract company to work for that will place you in a hospital.

March 31st, 2024

They can hire new grads and less experienced nurses for less money !!! It’s all about a dollar

March 11th, 2024

I’m the same age and took a contract job as an I don’t know. I’m an informatics and the contract was cut by the government. I have been a nurse for 30 years total including 12 years as an informatics. My applications are rejected before I even get a chance to interview. Thank God I did get 1 interview as a staff nurse and the manager loved me. I wish you the best

March 10th, 2024

Have you tried home health or hospice nursing?

March 31st, 2024

I am 65 and PACU RN with 29 years of experience. I haven't run into any ageism . Keep Trying !!