Average ICU Nurse Salary in Delaware

ICU nurses in Delaware earn an average of $85,320 per year (or $41.03 per hour).

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5% higher than the national average
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Delaware ICU nurses earn 5% higher than the national average salary for ICU nurses, at $80,731 (or $38.81 per hour).

ICU nurse salary range in Delaware

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
90th Percentile $109,480 $52
75th Percentile $101,789 $48
Median $82,708 $39
25th Percentile $67,512 $32

80% of Delaware ICU nurses earn between $65,723 and $109,480.

Cost-of-living adjusted ICU nurse salary in Delaware

Cost-Of-Living Adjusted
Overall Average

Adjusted for cost-of-living, Delaware ICU nurses earn about $87,150 per year. Cost-of-living in Delaware is 2% lower than the national average, meaning they face lower prices for food, housing, and transportation compared to other states.

ICU nurses salaries in other states

California $127,179 per year
Oregon $98,630 per year
District of Columbia $92,121 per year
Alaska $87,044 per year
Massachusetts $93,409 per year
Washington $97,794 per year
New York $95,186 per year
Nevada $89,750 per year
New Jersey $90,709 per year
Connecticut $88,530 per year

How much do other nurses get paid in Delaware?

PCU Nurse $89,143 per year
Med Surg Nurse $88,452 per year
ER Nurse $86,400 per year
Nurse Manager $86,400 per year
Cardiac Care Nurse $86,400 per year
Telemetry Nurse $84,240 per year
Hospice Nurse $84,240 per year
Psychiatric Nurse $77,760 per year
Home Health Nurse $75,600 per year
Pediatric Nurse $75,600 per year

At a $85,320 average annual salary, ICU nurses in Delaware tend to earn less than PCU nurses ($89,143), med surg nurses ($88,452), ER nurses ($86,400), nurse managers ($86,400), and cardiac care nurses ($86,400). They tend to earn more than telemetry nurses ($84,240), hospice nurses ($84,240), psychiatric nurses ($77,760), home health nurses ($75,600), and pediatric nurses ($75,600).

More about ICU nurses

ICU nurses or critical care nurses provide care to patients with life-threatening illnesses or conditions. They are trained to provide care for patients who need 24/7 nursing care. Their patients can be on several life-saving machines and medications.

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Data sources: rn salary data, cost of living data, proprietary data from Incredible Health