Average Radiology Nurse Salary in Massachusetts

Radiology nurses in Massachusetts earn an average of $122,398 per year (or $58.85 per hour).

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36% higher than the national average
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Massachusetts radiology nurses earn 36% higher than the national average salary for radiology nurses, at $89,541 (or $43.04 per hour).

Radiology nurse salary range in Massachusetts

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
90th Percentile $191,659 $92
75th Percentile $152,304 $73
Median $120,282 $57
25th Percentile $96,165 $46

80% of Massachusetts radiology nurses earn between $77,494 and $191,659.

Cost-of-living adjusted radiology nurse salary in Massachusetts

Cost-Of-Living Adjusted
Overall Average

Adjusted for cost-of-living, Massachusetts radiology nurses earn about $113,964 per year. Cost-of-living in Massachusetts is 7% higher than the national average, meaning they face higher prices for food, housing, and transportation compared to other states.

Highest paying cities in Massachusetts for radiology nurses

Boston, MA $126,603 per year
Worcester, MA $111,935 per year
Springfield, MA $102,764 per year

Massachusetts nursing salaries vary from region to region across the state. The area where radiology nurses are paid the highest is Boston, where the average radiology nurses salary is $126,603 and 66,120 registered nurses are currently employed. The Worcester area comes in second, with a $111,935 average radiology nurse salary and 7,210 registered nurses employed.

Radiology nurses salaries in other states

California $129,689 per year
Washington $95,350 per year
New York $96,119 per year
New Jersey $101,920 per year
Maryland $81,043 per year
Colorado $86,352 per year
Texas $81,546 per year
Illinois $93,777 per year
Virginia $84,693 per year
Pennsylvania $74,146 per year

How much do other nurses get paid in Massachusetts?

Cath Lab Nurse $128,840 per year
Aesthetic Nurse $123,471 per year
Transplant Nurse $120,250 per year
PACU Nurse $118,103 per year
Nurse Manager $115,956 per year
Nurse Educator $114,817 per year
Endoscopy Nurse $113,808 per year
Neurology Nurse $112,735 per year
Vascular Nurse $111,661 per year
Mother Baby Nurse $107,366 per year

At a $122,398 average annual salary, radiology nurses in Massachusetts tend to earn less than cath lab nurses ($128,840) and aesthetic nurses ($123,471). They tend to earn more than transplant nurses ($120,250), PACU nurses ($118,103), nurse managers ($115,956), nurse educators ($114,817), endoscopy nurses ($113,808), neurology nurses ($112,735), vascular nurses ($111,661), and mother baby nurses ($107,366).

More about radiology nurses

A radiology nurse's role is to care for MRI, CT, and NM patients before, during, and after diagnostic procedures and tests.

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Data sources: rn salary data, cost of living data, proprietary data from Incredible Health