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Hi everyone, I have completed the intro call August 18th. I’m a new RN grad with an ASN. I still have no interview or have been contacted by any employer. How long do you wait to start getting interview? Any suggestion? Thank you.

September 4th, 2022

Agree, don’t wait, apply apply apply… you literally will hear from 1/3 of the places you apply so be over zealous with your search!

December 22nd, 2022

Find a recruiter. May be just the job market in your area? They can’t hire nurses fast enough in Madison, WI; no experience required.

October 25th, 2022

The amount of time a RN or APN waits to be contacted for a particular job interview varies a great deal. Often times, there are many logistical considerations and problems going on behind the scenes in the organization to which one has applied. Delays in scheduling interviews are, with some exceptions, not a reflection of the employer's interest in a particular candidate. For example, most institutions are required to post the job internally for a certain amount of time, prior to interviewing outside candidates, and they may have an in-house candidate they already want for the job. They have only posted the job externally to satisfy some bureaucratic requirement. Other times, it can be a matter of tenuous funding for the position they have posted. Sometimes, one will be contacted for an interview, months after they submitted their application and have moved on, and the only criteria the employer is looking for at the time is how soon someone could start so the department does not lose funding for the position. There are so many factors involved. It does not hurt to show interest in the prospective employer by volunteering, or furthering your education and honing your skills in the specialty you are interested in working.

September 2nd, 2022

- don’t wait long. Go in and volunteer if you have to then apply for more positions please.

October 11th, 2023

Have you already taken any passed the NCLEX? This can be a basis for attraction, but also are you able/willing to travel/relocate. Sometimes you have to go to an area to supply a need when the need is not a great in the area where you are... Search a broader area...also befriend a nurse and get the name of managers for units, walk into HR at a facility you want to work at and ask for the clinical or nurse hiring manager . Wear professional dress and be prepared to an interview on the spot. Who knows what doors may open for you or how your diction, determination and disposition may creat interest when your resume may have been passed by

October 11th, 2023

RNs are needed. Find a reasonable niche like Med - Surg or Step-Down; knock on some doors and hit hard and enjoy the game as you make it fun.
You will be fine. Your studies will not be disgarded as you go back and realise you are starting to live as a healthy Nurse as people around you need some serious life changes. Your education goes on every day as you see more interesting things.
You may be ready for anything and start that day or the next day or night. I was promised no more than forty hours per week and they had me working over one hundred hours per week. Your paperwork says you are ready, be prepared to be placed immediately and hit It hard as your new game; nursing allows you to see other people's health choices up close and tweak yours.
11 OCT 2023 miércoles 🖐️🌞👍

September 25th, 2023

Hi, you don’t wait, you keep looking and applying for jobs until you have one. You need experience first but don’t settle just for anything.