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I'm a new nurse dealing with bullies at work. What are the best ways to deal with this?

August 27th, 2021

You should go to your manager if you feel comfortable. Hopefully they are not the one bullying you, if so go up the chain of command or to HR. No one should bully anyone and you deserve the same respect they expect from you.

September 14th, 2021

Contact HR for a policy against work place bullying, hostile work environment, and if there is a union, contact them.
Don't ever let them see you sweat!
Or you can politely check them.

August 29th, 2021

Follow your chain of command. First report the events to your direct supervisor. Have specific dates, times, and objective accounts of the event available. I f the situation does not resolve, escalate the issue to your direct supervisor's supervisor. Lastly, most work places have a no tolerance policy for hostile work environments and bullying. Your final recourse would be to escalate this concern to your HR representative or your company's "Compliance line".

August 29th, 2021

In a calm professional manner be direct with them. Let them know what it was they did and how it might have been handled differently. If no resolution, go to your manager.

October 30th, 2022

Leave. You have options, you do not deserve nor have to put up with this behavior. From my experience it only gets worse if you stay. Try PRN work, may cut down on needless 'friendships" and chatter at work.

November 16th, 2022

Hi. A nurse who oriented me, bullied me. I just left that work.

July 9th, 2022

Assert yourself and if that does not work you can go to the manager and complain about those bullies. If that doesn’t go anywhere, file harassment through HR.

January 5th, 2023