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I've been a Medsurg RN for 13 years, how do I go about getting a certification in Medsurg

June 10th, 2022

Google the ANCC, they have many national certifications and Med Surg is included. This is an amazing program.

July 26th, 2022

The Association of Medical Surgical Nurses (AMSN) has a certification - CMSRN - ccertified medical-surgical nurse. I believe this is more focused on bedside than ANCC's BC-RN and is more economical. Look into both & if your facility has a preference on your certification.

July 24th, 2022

The first step is to join the AANC. Then you sign up to take the test. There are study books to help you prepare. I studied for a couple days. When I took the test to be Medsurg certified they did ask questions about DKA, which typically isn’t medsurge. I only knew the answers because I also did step down.

July 4th, 2022

Different colleges offer different types of certification so try your local Colleges/University, you can also try online programs from a reputable school.

September 24th, 2023

You can test out and become a CMSRN or BC. Both require testing. A CMSRN lasts for 5yrs and then
recertification. Which is CEUs.

June 9th, 2022

A lot of hospitals are moving towards Magnet recognition. This is the current recommendation. I have mine and don't regret it at all. It is expensive, but your hospital may reimburse you like mine did for the initial certification. It needs a renewal every 5 years.

Go to this website for the ANCC below:

* Hold a current, active RN license within a state or territory of the United States or the professional, legally recognized equivalent in another country
* Have practiced the equivalent of 2 years full-time as a registered nurse.
* Have a minimum of 2,000 hours of clinical practice in the specialty area of medical-surgical nursing within the last 3 years.
* Have completed 30 hours of continuing education in medical-surgical nursing within the last 3 years.

February 22nd, 2023

Find out the name of the certification. CCRN for ICU, CPAN for PACU et. Go to the website. Study for the exam and then apply for a test date. To my knowledge there is no certification for med-surg. Sorry.

November 30th, 2022

If you are currently working at a hospital check the online library used for quarterly training. They should offer a free cert. Also, you can check with the nurse educator of your department as well so you can get it taken care of for FREEEeeee. Good luck.

February 15th, 2023

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