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How do I prepare for a panel interview?

November 1st, 2021

Same way you prepare for any other interview. Dress professionally… closed toe shoes
…hair away from face with light make up…and studs Earrings make sure you have copies of your resume in a folder organized. I was part of the panel that would interview new nurses and we would automatically discard any candidate who didn’t look professional and well kept. Walk in secure of yourself and shake everyone’s hand….we usually asked things like: give us an example of how you would handle a patient’s complaint. 2) if you made a medication error what do you do next - check patient first!!! The report according to your units protocol and following chain of command and of course notify MD and patient. 3) why do you want to work on this unit. 4)why you should be the candidate to get this position… you are a professional and you deserve the chance! Be secure!! You’ve got this!!!

August 28th, 2022

Different panel different approaches. Basically dress nice, make eye contact with each member. With each answer look at the person who asked the question, and while doing so scan the others members hold eye contact for 3-4 and go to the next one while you are speaking. . Know the topic you are discussing. Never rapid fire answers. Wait the count of 3 before beginning to speak. Actually not a clear question. Different preps for different panels.

December 24th, 2021

Be prepared to ask questions about the role including composition of the nursing team, etc. I always figure that if you truly are interested that you have questions. This is a recommendation for any type of interview.

December 18th, 2021

I agree with Yeny's answers above.

Though panel interviews can make people very anxious, keep in mind that everyone on that panel wants you to succeed. They are looking for great candidates to hire and that is why they want everyone they interview to succeed.

Also, I always hire for personality. Be yourself, but make sure to speak up, sound happy, be a people person, be positive. Those are the kind of people most of us want on our team. I can teach nurses how to do a job (skills) but I cannot teach them to be a better person.