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As an interviewee, what are good questions to ask?

December 1st, 2023

Read all you can about the organization and that facility. Look for their stated priorities and if those are seen in actual practice.

Ask how their mission statement shows in the areas that concern you the most. Ask about ongoing RN education, certifications and inservices— what are the fees, the expectations and the common practices? For instance, how common in any unit that is neurology based, what is the percentage of the nurses certified in stroke recognition? In a Nicu, what percentage of the current nurses are certified in NALS? Med/Surg - % of RNS cert in ACLS? Peds, PALS? What incentives are there for ongoing education and expertise? Are RNs paid more for certifications? Are there formal study groups to prepare for certs?

My rationale : it will get overwhelming if coworkers are not skilled, team oriented and evidence based in their practices. It is a nightmare to start your shifts if patients were not cared for well. It is maddening if coworkers do not share standardized language and symptom recognition.