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About to graduate with my BSN in august. I am looking to relocate to nyc and Chicago and I am interested in NICU, ICU, or OR. Not having luck finding a position yet, should I keep applying before nclex?

June 29th, 2022

Apply after u pass nclex

September 22nd, 2022

Look for and apply to hospitals that offer critical care or Periop fellowship/residency programs for new grads. You can apply if you are permit eligible prior to obtaining your license. The big hospitals in NYC are interviewing candidates for program starts in the spring I believe. This is a great way to get into speciality areas without experience AND you will get excellent and more comprehensive training.

August 2nd, 2022

Wait until you get your license. You are looking at highly specific and skilled units. You need to apply to regular nursery or mother/baby unit first. Work for a year or so and then transfer to NICU. OR is better chance after doing nursing residency program. Some hospital hire new grads but you will need to spend a year in training for OR position. There is a LOT TO LEARN. As far as ICU, forget it. Work on medsurge, Tele, PACU first. Get your basic nursing skills. Good luck!

September 15th, 2022

Yes. Although I would suggest that even though even a couple of years ago maybe it would've been easier to find a job in the specialties in nursing. But given the staffing crises occurring right now across the country, this may not be the same situation anymore. When you orient new nurses to a hospital you have to have the systems in place to support the orientation and training of these nurses to be safe in these environments. It just may be that their staffing crisis hasn't also impacted their ability to onboard new nurses into highly specialized arenas as you've mentioned. I think you should consider working in a lower level of nursing for the 1st year or two before specializing. It is much easier to go from there to specializing than the other way around. And, you will set yourself up with an excellent foundation for the rest of your career. A lot of nurses nowadays may disagree. However, there are many things you will learn at this level that will help you for the rest of your career. And what if you don't like the specialty and that's all you've been trained in? It is tough to start again elsewhere without a more broad foundation. And let's not forget about the staffing crisis. Nurses are being floated from any unit in the hospital to other units. Even ICU and ED nurses occasionally. If you want to move to those areas, because you like them, but can't find a job in the specialty, consider this as an option. Given the current state of affairs, it will be tough. But, just like they told us at the original Walter Reed Army Medical Center when I started, "If you can work there, you can work anywhere." And it wasn't false!

August 14th, 2022

Nicu is hard to get in to especially if you have not gotten your nclex. I suggest applying to mother baby or nursery and then transition to nicu.

August 14th, 2022

These are highly specialized units and almost always require med-surg experience first. I would say first things first, pass your NCLEX, get your reciprocal license for whatever state you choose and THEN apply. In NYC you will be able to find many positions but mostly for new grads med surg. Get one to two years under your belt and then branch out to specialized units. Good Luck to you.