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I am not interested in Med/Surg...Do I really have to start my career there?

September 24th, 2021

You don't, but from what I've seen, having moved from >5 years in Med-Surg to another specialty, Med-Surg nurses are more intuitive than nurses who've not worked there. Med-Surg nurses are also generally more experienced - from dealing with a large variety of medical conditions (and patient populations/groups), more capable of handling high pressure situations, high acuity patients, task prioritization, and time management. After some years, it may become overwhelming and cause burnout, but I do believe that a Med-Surg start is the best for patient care.

September 24th, 2021

I agree with all the responses. They all made valid points. For me, Med/Surg was a great Building Block. I worked most units, from ICU, CCU, PCU, PACU, Vascular, Tele, Pediatric, not my favorite, Post-Partum, Nursery, Sub-Acute, Behaviorial Health, Oncolgy when I was certified to Administered Chemotherapy. I wouldn’t trade the skills that I developed on Med/Surg. I also worked in a multi specialty medical group for an internist. I helped out in Opthalmology, OB/GYN and the GI lab with EGD & Colonoscopies. I was an LVN back in the 80’s and before that a CNA back in the 70’s. Been an RN now for 27 1/2 years. I was born to help others. I started at the age of 4 with my beloved grandmother who was an asthmatic, had no idea what I was doing I just knew I had to do something. What I did was get my book and fanned her.

September 22nd, 2021

Medical Surgical nursing will give you the foundation to build your clinical skills. You'll fine tune your critical thinking and assessment skills that will serve you throughout your entire career. in any specialty.

September 15th, 2021

No!!!! I knew I didn't want to do med/surg when I graduated (2 years ago) and so was much more picky about jobs. This did mean that I had to move to another state but I don't regret my decision at all! I currently work at a critical access hospital and do primarily ER with a little bit of Med/Surg. I am so happy I didn't settle, because the days that I have to do Med/Surg are the worst (no offense to any Med/Surg nurses out there!!! You are all very appreciated!!!). If I would have taken a job like this, I would have changed jobs in 6 months to a specialty. So it depends on how picky you are willing to be and how willing you are to possibly move or at least drive to work every day!

September 23rd, 2021

You don’t have to do Med/Surg to develop your skills and critical thinking. I started in Cardiac IMU and am still there. However now it’s getting to be a lot. I have learned so much and half the time I end up teaching physicians. Nurse burn out is so real. Follow your passion and trust that you will land where you’re supposed to. The great thing about Nursing is that you can do practically anything.

September 21st, 2021

Not at all, I started my career out at a Vascular Surgeon's office. I saw patients before and after surgery (took health history, vitals, did PT/INR's, etc), assisted the surgeon in in-office procedures, and took care of all of the calls and questions that came into the office from patients and the hospital. I learned A LOT about critical care even though I've never been in the ICU. I stayed there for five years! I then went on to do insurance work and healthcare analytics.

January 12th, 2022

Absolutely not!! While you will build good skills in MedSurg I have never worked nor ever wanted to work in regular medical floors (including tele, ER and ICU) I started in L&D and Mom Baby