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How do you prepare for an ED interview and what interview questions did they ask?

February 5th, 2023

Larger hospitals who are part of a large corporation have a set of standard questions that they ask candidates. I cannot specifically say what those questions are currently. There are a few interview preparation videos on LinkedIn that may be of benefit to you. Other options are to use a healthcare recruiter ( not the facility recruiter) to help you through the hiring process.

August 28th, 2022

I have interviewed many applicants for an E.R. position. E.R. personnel are different. You must have precision physical assessment skills, observation skills, be adept at answering questions with quick satisfactory answers. You must obtain, retain, and maintain a calm confident demeanor. So, show a calm, personable and socially acceptable presentation when walking in. Talk soft but loud enough the can hear you hear you. Over talkative is not a positive trait to me. I hired my selections and had a damn good crew. I never used the word team. Teams play games then go home. A family is constant. A director wants someone who knows what to do before a patient goes down. Confidence is better than arrogance. Again, present yourself appropriately, eye contact when listening and answering.
Speak clearly, slowly, with firm convictions. Be honest. you are not perfect.