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Any advised for an FNP looking to move away from clinic work? 8 yrs experience in a FQHC and 4 yrs VNA. Have considered community or school nursing, or a CDI specialist- unsure if able to w/ no acute care experience? Looking for advise/guidance

July 14th, 2024

Are you saying that you have no acute experience because you haven’t worked at a hospital or because you have never done any hands on patient care? Based on the experience you state that you have, unless you never did hands on patient care, as an FNP the world is your oyster!!! There are SO many well paying opportunities out there for FNPs that I am confused as to why you would consider school nursing due to the pay level being approximately $18-19 per hour. CDI is harder to get into, especially if you haven’t had any acute experience. Have you ever considered Telemedicine because there are a ton of job openings out there for FNPs in Telemedicine. You could also do triage, with your degree you would be hired in a second! Just some thoughts. I wish you very good luck in your search!

July 10th, 2024

there is always chaplain nursing to do to have a LPN Diploma of a Certificate of Diploma but its only a Certificate