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When is it the right time to leave my current job? I’m currently working in an OR that I’m finishing my orientation at (with no clinical educator) that is having a mass exodus and many issues. I feel like I’m just not going to succeed here.

April 18th, 2024

I think only you know when the time to leave a position truly is, while maybe keeping things like this in mind.
*You don't want to leave on bad terms so find out how much notice needs to be given, so you always remain professional.
*Do you have another job lined up already, or do you need this income?
*Do you have any desire to schedule a meeting with the "higher ups" to discuss your feelings or your reason for wanting to leave?
*If things improved, would you want to stay?
*Are you aware of why there is a mass exodus?
Best wishes to you.
No one wants to go to a job every day where they feel it is unnecessarily unsafe or feel unhappy being there.

March 31st, 2024

Let them know now, don’t waste their time or yours. If you know where you want to transfer to let your manager know. If they don’t listen reach out to HR because I’m quite sure they don’t want to lose you.