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What roles apply to nurses in public health? How to I find more information about public health nursing? Is this an acute care/hospital role?

November 19th, 2021

Public Health Nursing differs from state to state. In California, the certification has to be applied for after completion of a BSN that includes specific courses relevant to public health as well as a clinical in public health. In California there is also a fee attached to the every 2 years certification. There are many diverse roles for PHNs. A big plus is most often that these roles are 8-5, no nights, no holidays. Some roles are with mothers and babies in their homes, clinics for immunizations, communicable disease investigations, lead follow up, and foster care nursing (working with CPS) as well as APS. All of these roles are independent, and provide numerous opportunities to connect community individuals to resources and provide education. I have been blessed to do this work for almost 30 years.