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What are the best ways to study for the CCRN exam?

July 14th, 2021

Here was my strategy for studying for the CCRN exam:

1.) I bought Nicole Kupchik's online review course and I found it quite helpful. You an go at your own pace and there are practice questions in the lectures to make sure you understand the material as you go. There’s many similar online review courses out there.

2.) Since I liked Kupchik’s content I also got her book- “Ace the CCRN, You can do it!”. There’s a large bank of questions with and the rationales behind the correct answers. Reading through the rationales for questions I got incorrect helped a lot.

3.) I took the AACN self assessment exam. It costs about $50 and has 60 questions. The format is exactly like the CCRN and they send you back results by section, so you’ll have a good idea if your ready for the real test.

Hopefully this helps, and good luck to everyone taking the exam! :)

December 30th, 2021

Join AACN and read every journal article. Some articles offer CEU’s. Read them all and Take every test. You will not only gain current knowledge and get free CEU’s if you are a member. I clearly remember when I took my CCRN many years ago, while I was taking the test I recalled reading the information in the journals. Best of luck.

Also, once you pass your test, continue to read the journals, take the tests and collect your CEU’s. This will make you the best ICU nurse and it builds confidence. By the time you renew, you will have virtually all your contact hours to renew. Keep good records!

Best of luck to you and Happy New Year

December 26th, 2021

I bought the CNOR practice test with 120 or so questions. You can keep retaking it. I studied for 3 of the 4 weekends for 3+ months. I kept retaking the practice test and got a bad score the 1st time, but improved each time I took it. You get used to how questions are asked. I took it 1-2 per week, even when I got 98-99%. Also I advise studying all aspects of nursing as there were questions about OB, Anesthesia, Sterile Processing, Eye medications, which I found very interesting since most RN's don't have basic knowledge of them. Also I bought flash cards and studied them 3 of 4 weekends per month with a buddy.

October 4th, 2021

Ditto, Stacy, and start studying now!