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What are your tips for getting into NICU? How likely is it to get in for someone who has a year of Med-Surg experience?

April 24th, 2023

I did it! ( I mean I had four years of med-surg experience), one year is more than enough. Before COVID they used to say at least two years of medsurg experience to go into any ICU setting. I've seen NICU's hire new grads. The new grads usually volunteered for NICU while in school so that did help some, but a lot were hired right out of school. I looked up interview questions that would be asked in an interview for NICU and reviewed them before my interview. Keep applying!!! don't be discouraged!

November 10th, 2023

That sounds great if you’re able to snag such a position; if you’re finding difficulties getting your foot in the door, a mom-baby postpartum position would be a nice Segway in-between to obtaining your ultimate goal. I have a good friend who did that because she always has loved working with babies.