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What is the best way to prepare for an interview?

August 12th, 2023

Be 30 minutes early. Check in at the desk and then go to the ladies room. this gives you a chance to splash water on your face if it's hot, change your shoes and check your outfit one more time: should be business casual. If it's a morning interview, it's okay to bring coffee in with you. Once in a while, you can take a sip while you are thinking of a response to the interview question. If they offer a bottle of water, take it and say thank you. Sit upright on the seat, feet on the floor. Make sure you have brushed your teeth and either have a breath mint or spray before you start the interview. If you are late: no excuses needed. It won't matter if you couldn't find a parking space, too much traffic, the bus was late etc.

Here is a simple list of what NOT TO DO:


keep your bike helmet on the table!

DO NOT ANSWER YUP, NOPE, and make sure you say MAAM or SIr.

IF it is okay to hand shake, keep it firm and brief and make sure your hand is dry and not sweaty.

Last one: if they ask if you have any questions, never ,ever ask about benefits or salary on the first interview. If they ask you back, it will be discussed then.

Finally: write a brief thank you for your time email and cc yourself on it. Keep record

August 26th, 2023

Be on time but not incredibly early .
Don’t try and find the place that day.
Check it out before the interview day.
Maybe even go in and check out the vibe
In the cafeteria and general hallways.
Put your phone down while waiting to be called in.
Be yourself.
Review and study the hospital web site .
Know anyone who works there? Ask them what they love and also what they wish was different .
Aware of any patients who have received care? Ask them how it went.
Be prepared to give examples of different situations.
Many places do behavioral interviews which require examples of situations , what you did to manage the situation and how it turned out . Be able to talk about your core values.

August 12th, 2023

Investigate the company your are interviewieng with. Is there something that they are well known for or do they specialize in a certain type of patient? Most of the time they will ask you what you know about them. It is best to appear that you checked into them and found that you were interested in being a part of their team instead of not knowing anything and looking like you are just applying for a job site unseen.

August 30th, 2023

first thing to prepare for is to have the knowledge of the hospital by doing the following.

1. know the core value of the hospital

2, know the mission statement and apply to your response

3, Be ready to sell your skills

4. Have required skills for the the position you're applying for

5.Dress smartly and be organized.

6. Give answers to questions!

7, Be polite and respective.
8 Be happy and show enthusiasm.