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I'm a foreign RN with a master's degree (I'm a CRNA in my home country). What's the best place to land an ICU job in NYC? If I could be picky CTSICU. What does the hiring process look like here in the US? Also, like time frames?

September 18th, 2022

I can’t speak to the process for foreign graduate nurse or np - but I can tell you that you will need to have your NY state license at a minimum before any hospital in the metro area will give your application a second look. As far as CTSICU - you’re spoilt for choice in the 5 boroughs, and most likely will have a strong chance with a master’s degree and CRNA background if you can get through the screening process and get an actual human being to look at your application. Most places will take multiple times applying before you get a chance to interview. NYP/Columbia, NYU, Mount Sinai, Northwell - those are the big ones and they have multiple hospitals in the 5 boroughs. I’d start there. But again - without a valid NYS license, your application won’t get past the automated screening system.

Good luck!

September 4th, 2023

If you are able to have a board certified state governing office look at your CRNA schooling and possibly compare requirements here to the ones back in your home country you might be able to sit for your boards here… if you aren’t entirely qualified you might need to complete some classes and then sit for the boards. It might be doable :) I’d hate to be a CRNA somewhere else and not be able to work in a new country just because of some logistics. Even if it means going through 3 years here of schooling if you aren’t qualified to sit for boards… but that’s just me :)