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I have issues with sleeping for 2 months now, do you think nursing is still for me?

August 29th, 2023

You don't say what hours you work, what sort of environment you work in, or whether you are a new nurse. If you are newly on night shift and cannot get used to it, you may need to switch to an another unit (or employer)where you can work days. If you already work days and are sleeping poorly, are you in a stressful environment? You may need to consider a different specialty or place of employment. If you are a new nurse and anxiety is harming your sleep, please seek some counseling or a nurse support group (try on-line) to help you get past it. As you become more familiar with nursing routines and build experience, the anxiety and insomnia should pass. Do NOT make the mistake of taking sleeping pills, but practice good sleep hygiene: relaxing bath, soothing music, etc. at bedtime. Also talk to your nurse manager if you are new to nursing for ideas to make the transition from "muggle" to practicing nurse easier. Don't give up after just two months.