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What are some helpful tips for interviews?

August 19th, 2023

I had answered this once before:
1-be 30 minutes early. Check in and then go to the ladies' room to refresh yourself, change your shoes if you wore sneakers and splash water on your face. Never be late "I got stuck in traffic", there was a train delay," it won't matter (keep in mind if they keep you waiting more than 30 minutes for a SCHEDULED interview, that is a red flag for you)
2- TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. Never..never let it ring during an interview even if the interview lasts for hours. Check you messages only during your break.
3-Never leave your bike helmet on the table..seriously??
4-be prepared to have a group interview. Usually the nurses talk to you, then you talk to the manager and then director. Be polite, be BRIEF when you talk about yourself and if you need time to answer, look at the wall for a moment.
5-Use breath Spray or mint
6-if you are offered a bottle of water, take it
7-if it is okay to shake hands offer your hand and do a brief tight grip. No soft fingers or mushy sweat hand
8-If they ask if you have any questions, never, never ask what the salary or benefits are in the first interview.: follow up immediately with a thank you email. Include everyone you spoke to