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You guys, I feel like I’m losing my mind .5- 6 pt ratio as a charge nurse , and 6 as staff, for a 35 bed unit. I feel overwhelmed, and bedside is just not for me. What areas would allow me to de stress ?

September 13th, 2022

Get out now before you really do lose your mind! Take a break from working, get your resume out there on LinkedIn or something and you’ll have more people calling, texting, and emailing than you ever thought possible! That’s the beauty of nursing—you can go anywhere.

September 14th, 2022

Be smart! Leave, get out of bedside nursing. There are many nurses leaving the bedside due to unsafe staffing ratios. You worked hard for your nursing license and should not risk losing it for a hospital/ health care system that truly does not care about you.

September 14th, 2022

Try inpatient Hospice or Adult Psych. You won't have a large patient population and both are a welcomed break from a hectic Med/Surg unit.