Average Correctional Care Nurse Salary in California

Correctional care nurses in California earn an average of $128,643 per year (or $61.85 per hour).

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62% higher than the national average
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California correctional care nurses earn 62% higher than the national average salary for correctional care nurses, at $79,288 (or $38.12 per hour).

Correctional care nurse salary range in California

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
90th Percentile $171,822 $82
75th Percentile $161,769 $77
Median $130,033 $62
25th Percentile $102,665 $49

80% of California correctional care nurses earn between $80,993 and $171,822.

Cost-of-living adjusted correctional care nurse salary in California

Cost-Of-Living Adjusted
Overall Average

Adjusted for cost-of-living, California correctional care nurses earn about $116,525 per year. Cost-of-living in California is 10% higher than the national average, meaning they face higher prices for food, housing, and transportation compared to other states.

Highest paying cities in California for correctional care nurses

Santa Clara, CA $161,043 per year
Hayward, CA $157,318 per year
Sacramento, CA $140,564 per year
Fresno, CA $124,317 per year
Lodi, CA $124,078 per year
Los Angeles, CA $120,458 per year
Ventura, CA $118,819 per year
Carlsbad, CA $117,387 per year
Ontario, CA $115,883 per year
Bakersfield, CA $111,100 per year

California nursing salaries vary from region to region across the state. The area where correctional care nurses are paid the highest is Santa Clara, where the average correctional care nurses salary is $161,043 and 20,640 registered nurses are currently employed. The Hayward area comes in second, with a $157,318 average correctional care nurse salary and 41,160 registered nurses employed.

Correctional care nurses salaries in other states

Massachusetts $85,893 per year
New York $69,056 per year
Arizona $82,231 per year
Colorado $77,419 per year
Texas $71,839 per year
Virginia $76,680 per year
Pennsylvania $81,560 per year
Michigan $71,657 per year
Georgia $58,951 per year
Florida $68,225 per year

How much do other nurses get paid in California?

Transport Nurse $150,607 per year
Transplant Nurse $144,331 per year
Fertility Nurse $142,700 per year
Reproductive Nurse $142,700 per year
Endoscopy Nurse $139,102 per year
Womens Health Nurse $135,964 per year
ENT Nurse $135,964 per year
Cath Lab Nurse $135,964 per year
Primary Care Nurse $130,735 per year
Nurse Educator $130,735 per year

At a $128,643 average annual salary, correctional care nurses in California tend to earn less than transport nurses ($150,607), transplant nurses ($144,331), fertility nurses ($142,700), reproductive nurses ($142,700), endoscopy nurses ($139,102), womens health nurses ($135,964), ENT nurses ($135,964), cath lab nurses ($135,964), primary care nurses ($130,735), and nurse educators ($130,735).

More about correctional care nurses

Correctional nurses have several responsibilities. Conducting the initial prisoner assessment is their most important job function. They are tasked with evaluating the prisoner’s health before they are assigned to the general population.

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Data sources: rn salary data, cost of living data, proprietary data from Incredible Health