Average Correctional Care Nurse Salary in Pittsburgh

Correctional care nurses in Pittsburgh earn an average of $78,523 per year (or $37.75 per hour).

United States
Pittsburgh, PA
0% lower than the national average
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Pittsburgh correctional care nurses earn 0% lower than the national average salary for correctional care nurses, at $79,288 (or $38.12 per hour).

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Correctional care nurse salary range in Pittsburgh, PA

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
90th Percentile $102,187 $49
75th Percentile $84,265 $40
Median $80,777 $38
25th Percentile $65,892 $31

80% of Pittsburgh correctional care nurses earn between $64,003 and $102,187.

Cost-of-living adjusted correctional care nurse salary in Pittsburgh

Cost-Of-Living Adjusted
Pittsburgh, PA
Overall Average
Pittsburgh, PA

Adjusted for cost-of-living, Pittsburgh correctional care nurses earn about $82,052 per year. Cost-of-living in Pittsburgh is 4% lower than the national average, meaning they face lower prices for food, housing, and transportation compared to other states.

Highest paying cities in Pennsylvania for correctional care nurses

Philadelphia, PA $87,849 per year
Bethlehem, PA $81,786 per year
Harrisburg, PA $80,605 per year
Hazleton, PA $75,658 per year

Pennsylvania nursing salaries vary from region to region across the state. The area where correctional care nurses are paid the highest is Philadelphia, where the average correctional care nurses salary is $87,849 and 73,510 registered nurses are currently employed. The Bethlehem area comes in second, with a $81,786 average correctional care nurse salary and 9,930 registered nurses employed.

How much do other nurses get paid in Pittsburgh, PA?

Occupational Health Nurse $85,662 per year
Aesthetic Nurse $83,413 per year
PACU Nurse $81,200 per year
Ambulatory Nurse $80,754 per year
Cath Lab Nurse $80,745 per year
Pulmonary Care Nurse $80,308 per year
Blood Management Nurse $80,308 per year
Research Nurse $78,523 per year
Mother Baby Nurse $78,523 per year
Orthopedics Nurse $78,077 per year

At a $78,523 average annual salary, correctional care nurses in Pittsburgh tend to earn less than occupational health nurses ($85,662), aesthetic nurses ($83,413), PACU nurses ($81,200), ambulatory nurses ($80,754), cath lab nurses ($80,745), pulmonary care nurses ($80,308), and blood management nurses ($80,308). They tend to earn more than research nurses ($78,523), mother baby nurses ($78,523), and orthopedics nurses ($78,077).

More about correctional care nurses

Correctional nurses have several responsibilities. Conducting the initial prisoner assessment is their most important job function. They are tasked with evaluating the prisoner’s health before they are assigned to the general population.

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Data sources: rn salary data, cost of living data, proprietary data from Incredible Health