Average Primary Care Nurse Salary in Nevada

Primary care nurses in Nevada earn an average of $106,560 per year (or $51.23 per hour).

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26% higher than the national average
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Nevada primary care nurses earn 26% higher than the national average salary for primary care nurses, at $84,172 (or $40.46 per hour).

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Primary care nurse salary range in Nevada

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
90th Percentile $143,436 $68
75th Percentile $118,212 $56
Median $95,232 $45
25th Percentile $92,568 $44

80% of Nevada primary care nurses earn between $74,148 and $143,436.

Cost-of-living adjusted primary care nurse salary in Nevada

Cost-Of-Living Adjusted
Overall Average

Adjusted for cost-of-living, Nevada primary care nurses earn about $109,742 per year. Cost-of-living in Nevada is 2% lower than the national average, meaning they face lower prices for food, housing, and transportation compared to other states.

Highest paying cities in Nevada for primary care nurses

Las Vegas, NV $108,276 per year
Reno, NV $101,508 per year

Nevada nursing salaries vary from region to region across the state. The area where primary care nurses are paid the highest is Las Vegas, where the average primary care nurses salary is $108,276 and 18,260 registered nurses are currently employed. The Reno area comes in second, with a $101,508 average primary care nurse salary and 4,490 registered nurses employed.

Primary care nurses salaries in other states

California $130,735 per year
Oregon $92,939 per year
Massachusetts $98,004 per year
Washington $101,706 per year
New York $85,854 per year
New Jersey $101,920 per year
Connecticut $83,322 per year
Minnesota $71,597 per year
Maryland $86,698 per year
Arizona $85,485 per year

How much do other nurses get paid in Nevada?

Pediatric Critical Care Nurse $102,613 per year
NICU Nurse $102,613 per year
Nurse Manager $101,626 per year
Mother Baby Nurse $96,298 per year
Oncology Nurse $95,075 per year
Neurology Nurse $95,075 per year
Nurse Educator $94,720 per year
Quality Assurance Nurse $93,733 per year
Pediatric Emergency Nurse $93,733 per year
Womens Health Nurse $92,746 per year

At a $106,560 average annual salary, primary care nurses in Nevada tend to earn more than pediatric critical care nurses ($102,613), NICU nurses ($102,613), nurse managers ($101,626), mother baby nurses ($96,298), oncology nurses ($95,075), neurology nurses ($95,075), nurse educators ($94,720), quality assurance nurses ($93,733), pediatric emergency nurses ($93,733), and womens health nurses ($92,746).

More about primary care nurses

A primary care nurse is a registered nurse who works in an outpatient primary care office. Primary care nurses are well versed on a variety of healthcare issues since they handle a wide array of patient issues.

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Data sources: rn salary data, cost of living data, proprietary data from Incredible Health